Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WaveMaker Weathers The Storm

In my various swims around the San Francisco bay, there have been times - thankfully only a few - when the combination of waves and tide seemed too powerful to overcome. Luckily, I have yet to get swept out under the Golden Gate bridge.

In a similar way, there have been economic times - again only a few - when the combination of customer caution and investor panic seemed overwhelming. Through Q4 and Q1, our strategy was to hunker down, dig deep and do our best.

As it turned out, doing our best and not losing focus was enough to help WaveMaker grow revenue through the last six months. More importantly, we are closing in on our goal of profitability for the second half of the year.

In my experience, startup companies always seem incredibly fragile, but are actually pretty resilient. Of course, it helps to be solving a pressing problem in a growing part of the market ;-)!

I am particularly excited about our upcoming WaveMaker 5 release this month. This release sets a new gold standard for ease of use: you can build and deploy a complete, database-driven web application in just 3 mouse clicks!

Here are some of the continuing signs that WaveMaker has the current in its favor:
  • Huge ROI Proof: Judith Hurwitz wrote a report as part of IBM's SaaS Enablement practice, showing how using WaveMaker can lower SaaS TCO by 75%
  • IBM Partnership: WaveMaker is providing integration tools for IBM's LotusLive, for example adding SalesForce and LinkedIn contacts to the LotusLive dashboard.
  • Agile Services Launch: WaveMaker now has its own crack services team. Need a web solution built quickly and cost-effectively? Call us!
Here's hoping that the worst of the economic storm is behind us and that smoother waters lie ahead.

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