Friday, January 16, 2009

Adobe Plays Catchup to WaveMaker...Again!

Savio Rodriguez has a nice post on the Infoworld blog, entitled Adobe follows WaveMaker's footsteps into the cloud, describing Adobe's latest cloud announcement as a reaction to the WaveMaker Cloud launch last December.

According to ZDNet's Larry Dignan, Adobe is launching a cloud version of their LiveCycle tools running on Amazon EC/2 as a "sandbox" for developers. In contrast, the WaveMaker Cloud development tools are intended for full application development and deployment - out of the sandbox and onto the beach!

WaveMaker is turning out to have much more of a lead in this space than we expected. When we started development almost 2 years ago, we assumed that there would be a number of open development tools targeting the cloud.

Now that we are well into our beta release, we are finding that WaveMaker is more unique than we had hoped for. All the major players who launched before us -, Coghead, Bungee - have gone down the old fashioned proprietary path.

For customers, this is a lock-in nightmare:
  1. Proprietary languages like Apex force developers to start fresh on yet another language and framework learning curve.

  2. Lack of portability across cloud providers forces companies to pay monopoly pricing to host on a single cloud.

  3. Lack of portability between the cloud and the data center limits the kind of applications companies are willing to put in the cloud.
The result is that any SaaS company that is looking for cloud-based development tools is looking at WaveMaker as a very attractive way to extend their platform. WaveMaker is an open and portable version of the tools that have helped make SalesForce the 500 pound gorilla of the SaaS world.

KANA was the first major software vendor to use WaveMaker as the customer-facing dev tool for their call center platform. Stay tuned for our next big partner announcement in the coming week!

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