Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A good day for entrepreneurs

OK, ok, so this is totally off topic for a tech blog focused on the future of the web, but I just loved this graphic and couldn't resist.

Entrepreneurship is all about changing the world by thinking differently. Startups work best by challenging conventional wisdom and doing things nobody even imagined, much less thought were possible.

Yes it was a tough campaign and yes we have a number of big messes on our hands, not least of which the economic climate for technology startups. On the other hand, what a great day for America's ability to reimagine itself!


Anonymous said...

Yeah this is a good representation of the American elections! well done!

Anonymous said...

Happiness indeed. Occasionally, we are still capable of surprising ourselves.

It is still possible that we could rise to greatness, one more time.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your application of America to Entrepreneurship. It is time for America to re-invent itself, and I think the process could get a lot more painful before it gets better.

I also hope Obama gives lots of support and resources to the entrepreneurs of America.