Friday, May 02, 2008

Web 2.0 Expo economics - 2,000 downloads a day trumps all

Web 2.0 Expo was last week - 10,000 people attending a trade show for a market that doesn't exist anywhere but in our own minds. As is usual when we let our imaginations run wild, every one of those attendees was looking for something different.

For example, I was on a panel session entitled "Web 2.0 and the Breathing Enterprise" - it was a good session, but darned if I know what a breathing enterprise is, any more than I know what Enterprise 2.0 is.

After the second day, our team was thrilled because we had gotten over 200 leads and given almost 100 product demonstrations in two days. During that same time period, however, we had 4,000 WaveMaker downloads and over 100 new registrations to our WaveMaker community.

I'll take 100 people who have downloaded my product and used it enough to want to be part of my community over 100 tchotchke-seekers any day!

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