Friday, February 22, 2008

WaveMaker 3.1: Make Waves, Not Code!

Our engineering team just released version 3.1 of WaveMaker with lots of new goodies, including auto-forms (generate insert and update forms automatically from a database schema) custom widgets (use any Dojo widget, roll your own widget) and application templates (with custom look and feel).

We are also gaining converts to the WaveMaker motto: Make Waves, Not Code!

WaveMaker is an open-source framework for making Java web development quick and easy (kinda like a visual RoR for Java).

Peter Svensson just posted review of WaveMaker that stated:
The WaveMaker IDE has a number of very good features, listed in no particular order;
  1. It is Web-based

  2. It runs on its own Tomcat-server with a massive supporting act (the download is ~90MB!)

  3. It's fully open-source under the GPL.

  4. It uses Dojo 1.0 components, so you create your page(s) visually.

  5. Complex components like Tree or (above mentioned) Grid can be connected to services on the server

  6. You can create services inside the IDE; WSDL, Database Queries or custom Java code.

  7. It generates generic WAR archives, for crying out loud!
Peter has also given us a good deal of constructive feedback on how to make Wavemaker even better. WaveMaker is democratizing Java web development, one Swedish blogger at a time ;-)

Our 3.1 release has also been picked up by Ajaxian, eBiz, AjaxWorld and TechFunk.

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