Friday, September 07, 2007

Trick question: what is the most valuable database in the world?

I sit on the board of Kapow, a company that allows you to turn anything on the web into a data source.

As a thought experiment, I asked their executive team to tell me the most valuable database on the planet?

Here are some potential winners:
  • D&B - all the financial data you could hope for - nope
  • IMS - all the medical data you could uncover - nope

And the answer is...Google (is it my imagination or is the answer to almost every question these days Google?) The point is that the really valuable information is increasingly moving to the web. That means that the next generation of data adapters will treat the web as a gigantic database (albeit one that requires clever robots from Kapow to take full advantage of).

For example, when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (say that 3 time fast) wanted to put together the definitive global warming portal, they found that the best information was all on the web, and turned to Kapow to get that information into a single portal.


Nathan Cooley said...

So, I dont know if this blog is still active, if you will be notified of this post, or if you would be inclined to reply. But I must sate my curiosity. In your experiance and observation, have the past 4 years really supported your claim? Obviously as cloud computing boots up more and more information is moved towards web services. But companies are also taking bigger precautions to protect their information, after all information has become even more of a commodity in today's market.

Christopher Keene said...

Yup, I am still ticking and still stand by this post. Although you could now argue that the most valuable database on the planet belongs to FaceBook...